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7 Khoon Maaf and then there was Se7en …

well now i have to admit dropping in a post at this time is not quite appropriate. i mean it is 2.25AM … and i know it is a bit crazy. but haven’t quite been able to get it out of my head. I had a discussion with someone quite close to me about this and it got me thinking. I mean what the ‘HELL’ was Vishal Bhardwaj trying to convey to us. Now before any of you out there try to come at me with pitch-forks and hammers, let me explain my point of view. I am not doubting the essence of the movie, hell i even appreciate the effort since it certainly makes my list of all time favourite bollywood (i hate that term … :x) movies.

But there’s something about it that doesn’t quite feel right. I get the intention of the director to make the audience leave the theater with his/her brain cells running in top gear (especially after movies in recent times like Inception or Shutter Island), but it just doesn’t feel right. The quintessential motive/objective about movies like these are to make their audience leave the theater’s with something to think about other than 50 bucks you spent on the peanut size samosas or the elderly couple 2 rows in front of you, getting a little too cozy for your comfort (or rather anyone’s … brrrr). And i felt this is where 7KM failed. It essentially leaves you with too many … almost unanswerable questions. Now before any of you try to roast me, i’m talking about the movie and not the book Susanna’s Seven Husbands by Ruskin Bond (which i admit i haven’t read … as of yet … :P).

An in trying to decipher the message of this movie (which has proved to be much more complicated for me than the enigma machine), my mind went back to 1998. This was the year that i saw Se7en. Now as i have already admitted it before, i am no Brad Pitt fan. but i do believe, this was one of his best works. I mean the Ocean’s series was good & The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was pretty nice too, but Se7en was in an altogether different league. An entire story based on the seven deadly sins (Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Pride, Sloth, Greed and Wrath) as per the Bible was brilliantly pot rayed and shown. Now i don’t want this to be a SPOILER for people who haven’t seen it, so i won’t reveal much. But there was a decisive conclusion to the story which was multiplied by the thrill and suspense at the end.

This was something i found completely lacking in 7KM. And that is something that kinda leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth. It is one thing to leave your audience with questions in the end but something different altogether if you are gonna leave them thinking what those Questions are that they are supposed to ask.

None the less i think it was a brave attempt in terms of bollywood cinema and certainly much better than the usual garbage that generally comes out every Friday (Yeah, you know what i’m talking about … the ususal Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar trash). So maybe there’s hope yet for hindi cinema … 😐

well thats about it i guess. It’s just past 3.06AM and mom’s getting pissed … so i guess i better doze off. As usual comments, profanities, insults are all welcome … ok maybe not the insults …

ciaogood night!!!

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the next step …

well after … hmmm …  almost 4 years it has happened again … i’m officially unemployed. how do i feel you ask??? well not too bad … feel kinda blank, but not necessarily empty, just ‘free‘ i guess. Yeah, i think that’s just about the right word ….

The funny thing is it didn’t end the way i probably though it would. I mean i’ve heard it’s generally a mix of excitement, happiness, joy, sadness and dread. It’s this cocktail of emotions that generally drives us ahead. But the funny thing is i i didn’t really go through most of those emotions … the only real emotion that i felt is ‘Relief’. Now that may sound kinda insensitive to a lot of people and if so i apologize, however, it does feel good. Like most people who have gone through this step earlier will understand there is genuine excitement about this. But now almost 24 hours later the only real feeling that i am going through is ‘curiosity‘ … about what comes next.

Am i scared you ask??? wellll ??? maybe … but there’s also a new chance that you get. To do the right thing. To learn from your mistakes (and trust me … it’s a big list .. ;)). soooo i’m not too scared … 😉

here’s to the next step … ^1 🙂


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something a bit cleaner this time around …

i know it’s been some time since i actually wrote down something … and quite frankly …. i’ve kinda missed it.  so den why didn’t i write down something??? couldn’t be ‘cos i didn’t have something to write about … i’d be lying if i said that … but it’s just that i couldn’t get myself down to actually doing it. life’s been too twisted in the past two months … and have been held up just trying to figure it out … and where i’m heading … wish i could say i had an answer 😐 … but i’m still searching for it …. but in the meanwhile here goes my crap anyway …..

sooooooooo …. what do i say … well since my last post … a few things have happened … the new year has come … (no real surprise there haaaaan) …… and the thing about a new year is that it’s supposed to give you all these chances to make all your new year resolutions. an opportunity and a chance to have a fresh start on things … on life. but over the years i’ve realised that that’s not what people look for in a new year. the truth is we all want new opportunities and starts every single day of the year …. it’s just that we actually don’t want to lose these chances. we hope and pray that come the right day and time we are exactly where we are supposed to be … ‘cos if we’re not then it’s all the same now … isn’t it …

… but before i throw you into a sense of manic depression …. i’ve gotta tell this little story … noooo it’s not a romantic one … it’s the kinda thing you come across once or twice in your lifetime …. but leaves you absolutely amazed and ashamed at the same time (now sticking to my rules i’m not gonna take names, but some of you might well figure it out) … i’ve a friend …  a real sweet girl … i met her about 3 years ago … but we didn’t really interact much then …. but we did started talking about a year back …. she’s a pretty simple kinda of a gal … but someone who’s had quite a tough time … especially in the past year or so …. she lost her father quite some time back … and then recently learned that her mum was quite sick too. we interacted and chatted quite a bit in at the end of last year … until she kinda went on an extended leave. when she came back she told me that her mum had passed away.

to be honest i didn’t know how to react or what to say …. then last month me and a friend of mine went down to meet her when she came down to the city …. and she was nothing like i had imagined she would be. she was calm and composed, witty and humorous. honestly made me feel like the odd man of the group … and it taught me some things about people and myself i guess … it’s hopeHope is a good thing, probably the best thing … it’s the one thing that we all hold on to … no matter how bad things get and no matter how much it all stops making sense … we still hope that things will get better and it’ll be alright … it’s the best we can do … 🙂

guess gotta wind up now … it’s 9:53PM and i’m hungry as hell … till d next time ciao!!!

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Porcupine Tree and IIT

2nd February, 2008 would go down as one of the most memorable days of my life …. and now so will 21st December 2009 … no i didn’t get laid or win a million dollars or anything like that … it was IRON MAIDEN. i was at the concert of one of the best heavy metal bands of all time …. and it was wonderful!!! and after that i didn’t really think any other concerts that i’d attend again in my life could possibly be any better … but boy was i wrong. 🙂

now … i don’t really recall attending that many college fests when i was actually in college … not so much ‘cos i was busy or not interested … but mostly ‘cos i just considered them to be pretty lame ass … and most of  ’em actually were. it was mostly about games, quizzes, plays and you know stuff like that … and i wasn’t much interested in ’em (yeah i know … i’m weird) … but the fact is all these years later i don’t really regret it at all.

… but coming back to the topic … when a good friend of mine called up and asked me whether i’d be interested in going with him to Mood Indigo 2009 … i’d be lying if i said i was interested … even when he said Porcupine Tree were gonna perform. and the reason for that is pretty basic … i hadn’t even heard of ’em. but at the end of the day it was a concert and it was gonna be way better than spending my evening sitting in front of a computer surfing through wikipedia about global weather patterns or the space shuttle or how led zepplin started out (yeah thats the kinda shit i read everyday … in office hours!!! 😉 ). so i said yes … even though it was gonna cost me a 1000 bucks ….

…. but now 2 days later i can say it was money well spent. now before i go through how the concert actually was … there’s an important thing i need to talk about … Mood Indigo itself. like i said before i’ve been to a few college fests before … but this has gotta be THE MOST FUCKED UP one i’d ever attended in my life. the entire thing was so badly handled … that i’d be ashamed of it if i’d been in IIT. i came to know later on that organizers didn’t really expect the kinda crowd that actaully turned up … which is a pretty fucked up excuse considering that it wasn’t a free entry thing … you had to buy tickets … so they knew exactly how many people were gonna turn up … :X

entering the concert arena was a story in itself … ‘cos there’s no way you could get in until and unless you showed some sort of valid identification in my case my passport … trust me when i say this it would be much easier to get into the Kalpakkam facility than into IIT Bombay

but i guess thats understandable … and i have no complains about that … in the end the saving grace was the band itself. they were amazing … a kinda mix of grunge, metal and psychedelic rock (read: alice in chains meets ozzy osbourne). it was way better than the iron maiden thing … mostly ‘cos i could relate myself more to porcupine tree than maiden. I loved the songs Lazarus, The Sound of Muzak, Trains and Fear of a Blank Planet … and thats a lot for me to say … ‘cos rarely do i love a song the very first time i hear it … and that multiplies even more when i haven’t even heard of the band before … 😀

so obviously the first thing i did when i came back home was to download … oops borrow & listen to the songs … and thats what i’ve been doing for the last 2 days … so now 2 days later it’s back to the real world … but i would say this … to anyone out there if you aren’t too sure about listening to some band that you have just heard off … then sometimes it’s well worth taking that risk … ‘cos there are some really amazing musicians out there … and you’ll never get a better high than listening to ’em … till the next year … ciao!!!

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hey everybody … so finally got into the thirties … 😉 (go figure) … and it’s not as weird as i thought it would be. i know it’s been a while since my last post … but was just plain lazy. so that said and done, lets go ahead. for the last month and half have received about half a dozen mails i.e. wedding invitations … i guess wedding season is on … but the thing is it’s from people that i haven’t seen or heard from in years. but none the less i’m happy for ’em. life does go on hmmm …

well coming back to me … what am i supposed to do today. well do have some stuff i need to take care of … but other than that … just another day i guess … 🙂

ohhhh … by the way … i finally got my invitation from google wave (yeah i know … and about 10000 other people) … and i was all excited about it … even downloaded some applet for IE to make wave run more smoothly … annnnnnnnd honestly it’s been a bit disappointing. i mean i did go about 5 minutes through the video that google had uploaded on youtube as a tutorial, but the shit does not make any sense. i mean you click on the link and then sign in … and then nothing. i mean i had no idea what to do next … i’m sure google has given a pretty good explanation about wave on the video … but the damn thing is almost 80 mins long :X … i can’t go through something that long and risk another Rs. 6000 bill (that reminds me … NOTE TO SELF: gotta cut down on online porn).

another problem is that it makes sense to use wave if you have a whole lot of other people (read: friends) on it. but since this has just started out … guess it’s gonna take a bit more time. i’m sure once it all settles down and a lot of other people get on it … it’ll make a lot more sense.  however even then, i’m not too sure if it’s quite gonna be the sensation that google is making it out to be. but then again i guess people said the same thing about facebook or orkut or myspace when they started out. so here’s keeping my fingers crossed … i mean if it does turn out to be the online sensation that google is making it out to be … then we’re in for one hell of a time … 😀 keeping my fingers crossed … ciao!!!

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a little insight …

yeah well seems like natural progression from the blog that i wrote a long time back … so here’s one more … for more …  refer to a gud one by allthecrap … 


1. A – Available/Single?
maybe i’m just too stupid … but didn’t quite understand this. i mean if ur available, that means ur single rite aaaaaand if ur single that means ur available … den how xactly does the OR condition (read ‘/’) apply here … hmmmm … maybe did is a gud topic to write a whitepaper on … 🙂

2. B – Best friend?
i guess my old buddy SATAN … aaahhhh …  brings tears to my eyes when i think abt all the good times we’ve shared … 😉 … where would i be without him …

3. C – Cake or Pie?
a Pie-Cake i guess (whatever the f*%$ that means)

4. D – Drink of choice?
whatever that gives me a high (yeah i also do get high on H2O)

5. E – Essential item you use every day?
chaddi & baniyan … what else … hey zaroori hai yaar …

6. F – Favorite color?
Black … my good buddy … the Grim Reaper (maybe you heard abt him) showed me some really classy stuff in black … 🙂

7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?
bears sound delicious …

8. H – Hometown?
who knows … who cares …

9. I – Indulgence?
Reading books & wikipedia …

10. J – January or February?
december …

11. K – Kids & their names?

12. L – Life is incomplete without?
food … i guess …

13. M – Marriage date?
10th Oct, 2010 … whose … no f$@# idea … hey u’re the one who asked for a date … and i gave you one … now you go out and figure out whose it is … 😉

14. N – Number of siblings?
one beautiful, annoying, pesky and sweet ‘lil sis … 🙂

15. O – Oranges or Apples?
i think apples should probably cause more more damage to the head … so yeah defintely apples …  😀

16. P – Phobias/Fears?
a year back would’ve said injections but not anymore …

17. Q – Quote for today?
I didn’t invent Sin, I’m just trying to perfect it … 🙂

18. R – Reason to smile?
refer to Question 2 …

19. S – Season?
spring … (no idea why … hey ask a stupid question … and get a stupid answer … ;)).

20. T – Tag 3 People?
man 3 is too much … lets try for just one

21. U – Unknown fact about me?
how the f%&# would it remain unknown if i actually say it … (man the dumb questions some prople ask … :))

22. V – Vegetable you don’t like?
spinach … 😀

23. W – Worst habit?
guess i’m lazy … but to be honest … i actually look at it as a GIFT from GOD … 🙂

24. X – X-rays you’ve had?
X-rays are so old fashioned … M.R.I’s are the new fad man … 🙂

25. Y – Your favorite food?
mum’s sleeping right next to me … so i’m gonna say maa ka khana …:)

26. Z – Zodiac sign?
sagittarius like jim morrison

… thats it i guess … comments, profanities, insults are all welcome … ciao!!!

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the book and a film this diwali!!!

hey everyone!!! … let me begin by wishing everyone a very happy Diwali and a very happy new year … for one this tends to be the happiest time of the year … well at least for me it does. i mean how can u not be happy about it … its diwali. now i’m not gonna go into the depth of explaining what Diwali is and what it consists of. for more details click on the following link . all the crackers, sweets but more importantly the lights are wonderful. kinda reminds me of the days when i was a kid. but the real point of this post is not so much Diwali, but some of the things i intend to do/have done.

well for the first time in  a pretty long time i’ve come across a decent/good book. the last book that i read was Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson … and now i’m reading the latest one by Chetan Bhagat …  2 States … and i’ve read about a quarter of the book and i’m not totally disappointed … which is not something i couldn’t have said after reading his last one … the 3 mistakes of my life. now i’m not gonna go in the details of what the book is all about or even how good it is … for that u’ll have to go out and read it. but before you do that u might want to go over the following review of the book by a good buddy of mine … .

well moving on … i recently watched an awesome movie …. The Curious incident of Benjamin Button. it’s not exactly  a new release … i mean it did come out last year. but it’s a great film. and i’d definitely recommend it. kinda reminds me of Forrest Gump … not the story but conceptually at least. and it’s something one should watch. now i’m not a brad pitt fan ( i mean i did watch the ocean’s series and 7 years in Tibet and Babel and Se7en a million years back) … and sure he’s good … but c’mon i’m not a 15 year old girl who’s gonna go all weak in the knees and let out a high decibel screech every time i see him on screen. but, something about this film and his performance especially in this movie that makes me go back to watch it over and over again.

now i don’t wanna spoil it for any of you guys out there … so i’d definitely recommend you watch it. it’s got a IMDB rating of about 8.1/10 which is proof enough. well coming back to diwali … i’ve already had about 1/2 kg of sweets and there’s still quite a bit of it left 😉 . so now i’m gonna get back to do just that … meanwhile happy holidays and have a great time everyone.

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shwas …

well after a while of some idiosyncratic blog posts, i would like to drift away a bit. the other day something very interesting happened … i was helping my mom clean up some old stuff in the cupboard when i happened to come across some old cd’s (not porn :)) … and one of ’em was ‘Shwas‘. for the uninitiated … it was a marathi film released what now seems like ages ago … well 2004 anyway. now i’m not some sort of expert when it comes to marathi films … well i’m not an expert when it comes to any films … but this one has gotta go down as one of the best films released in this country … ever … period!!! 


now these are the kinda films that come about once in years … the story-line is fairly simple … an old man gets his grandson from their village to a doctor in the big city as the kid has trouble with his vision. now i don’t wanna spoil the entire plot of the film … but at the very basic level it just depicts how the lives of the characters evolve from there … especially the lives of the boy, his grandfather and the doctor. the characters are amazingly believable … and the story depicts how at the very basic level we’re all pretty much the same irrespective of where you come from or where you live. 

there are parts in the movie that make you cringe … but at the end of it … it just seems to stick in your head. there are very few films that i would go back to watching ’em again nearly 5 years after i’ve seen ’em originally. it’s mostly ‘cos that initially excitement that often accompanies them when they are first released has long since then faded away … and your attention has drifted away … and you end up liking new types of films and actors and actresses (read katrina .. ;)) … but this was different. i mean at the very basic level it’s not a very complicated story … but it’s got a feel factor about it (not necessarily heart warming) that you can’t often forget or ignore … and thats rare …

in conclusion i guess all i really want to say is that watch it … it doesn’t matter if you do not understand marathi or you can’t see any film beyond those that involve shahrukh khan or salman khan or any of those shit-holes … it’s just nice to drift away from the pattern of daily life once in a while … so if you can spare about 1 1/2 hours of your life then i’d definitely recommend this one to you … and as Rajeev Masand would say … i would go for five outta five for Arun Nalawade’s Shwas … and a definite watch … it’ll stick in your head long after you’ve seen it … and if you’ve seen it … let me know what you think about it … till the next time … bye!!!

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saturdays into saundays into maundays

for the first time in a very very very long time … i’m at work on a sunday. now …. you might wonder what’s so great about that … hundreds of people do that, right… well thats true …. but i’ve learnt over the years thats it’s more than just an art … it’s an opportunity to gloat and boast about urself over the coming week. now don’t get me wrong … there’s nothing wrong in that … i mean you did come over to work on a weekend (which you could have very well spent with your gf/bf or just sat around watching some shit)but the thing is you didn’t … instead you were at work (just you, the vending machine and the computer). now in some weird way … that is something to be proud about.  🙂

… but guess what i’ve noticed over the years is the really interesting point in all of this. the “mail“. i mean you might not have received so much as a good morning e-mail from someone or a birthday wish e-mail from a given person in years … but you sure are gonna get one about some sardar joke, or some pics of some far off location or there’s always something related to teddy bears or love or something along that way from some guy who came on a saturday or sunday. now don’t get me wrong … i mean i like a good sardar joke as much as the next guy … but it would be really nice if it came on any day between monday and friday.  it’s almost as though it’s something to gloat about as if you won an olympic medal. 

… but the honest fact is you can’t blame ’em. it’s all but normal … people like the idea about having their efforts recognised or at the very least knowing that wasting their weekends over at work gets ’em some brownie points among their peers and friends (if not with your boss) … it’s just natural human tendency i guess … come to think of it … thats what i’m doing. 😉  of course there are a few added advantages on coming on a saturday and/or sunday. i get to take a day off over the coming week (hopefully) … tht should be really fun.

anyway have to come here again tomorow … and probably gonna feel like it’s a wednesday … but thats after i get outta here first … 😀 . till the next time ciao!!!

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my mindless ramble …

it’s 8:00pm IST … 5:30PM KST and i’m at work … supposed to be doing some work but actually i’m bored to death. the last 48 hours have been one of the most twisted (not the most twisted but close enough) in a pretty long time.  lately i think i’ve been behaving pretty weirdly …weird  even from my prespective. 48 hours ago i came home to see my mom completely down … a lot of things in our little fucked up house renovation project had gone wrong … it was the last thing i wanted to hear after having a pretty screwed up day at work.

to add to tht the issue i was working on at work seems to have come out fine … but on the other side i had a bit of a setback on the personal-professional front. i know tht doesn’t make any sense … tht’s ‘cos i haven’t had anything to eat for the last 4 hours or so … and thts having a bit of effect on my brain …. or maybe thats just me.  now in a short while i’ve gotta go to a friends place to wish her first thing on her birthday and as expected the co-ordination sucks!!! some of the people seem to have gone home, some are around … but most of us are lost as to where & when exactly are we supposed to go … this should be fun … 😉

now it’s 9:35pm IST … 7:05pm KST … and after a pack of biscuits and two lays chips ‘am starting to fell a little sleepy. got an SMS from her after tryin to reach her a couple of times in d mornin … hopefully she’ll feel all better in d mornin.  ok now i’m bored … have gotta go … hopefully will have a decent enough nite out … :~| …

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